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Item Lending

The student houses’ tenants’ committee maintains a collection of rarely needed items such as tools.

For item lending inquiries you can contact us via email lending (at)

Alternatively you can also directly call or message the tenants committee’s chairman, Markus at (add a zero at the end) +358 41 547758.

We welcome new item proposals!


TK-1. Tool kit

TK-2. Tool kit

TK-3. Drill bit set, large

TK-4. Impact drill

TK-5. Suitcase Scale

TK-6. Drill bit set, small

TK-7. Ratchet screwdriver set

TK-8. Hex key set

TK-9. Soldering iron

TK-10. Hand truck

TK-11. Ironing board+iron

TK-12. Stud Finder

TK-13. Socket wrench set, large

TK-14. Cordless drill kit


PL-1. Mölkky (game)

PL-2. Disc golf set

PL-3. Frisbees

PL-4. Balls

Miscellaneous items

SK-1. Bluetooth-speaker

SK-2. Coolers