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Attention bicycle owners!

17 April 2019

TYS will be cleaning up the storage areas and bicycle racks. Junk bikes will be noted for removal. The noting will start on week 17 (24. April onwards). If your bicycle is in use, but it has been noted, please remove the note from your bike.

Noted bikes will be removed starting at week 21 (20 May onwards).

TYS has also notified all tenants via email!

Dear tenants!

28 February 2019

The C-house entrance hall has organically turned into a recycling spot. Small items such as plates, cuttlery, shoes etc. are welcome, but when it comes to larger household objects such as washing machines, sofas, and beds, we encourage you to offer them here in this FB group or other internet marketplaces. Another option is Ekotori, which is a recycling centre that accepts old pieces of furniture for free.

The tenants committee wishes everyone happy recycling and a nice spring!